Commit 0614d1d7 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Document bug causing new version to not be propagated in --client mode

parent 3ea6efe3
......@@ -808,6 +808,12 @@ class TunnelManager(BaseTunnelManager):
self._address[family] = utils.dump_address(address)
def _newVersion(self):
# BUG: In the case of a LAN without any node using TunnelManager
# (i.e. no creation/destruction of tunnels) and at least one
# connected to outside with --client, the new version is not
# propagated. This first loop should be moved to the base class,
# which would query Babel for neighbours only on this event,
# and not periodically like TunnelManager.
for prefix in self.ctl.neighbours:
if prefix:
peer = self._getPeer(prefix)
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