Unverified Commit 759a8c98 authored by Jason Madden's avatar Jason Madden Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #135 from zopefoundation/issue134

Stop calling the deprecated checkSecure method.
parents a2377d15 79dc08f2
......@@ -6,9 +6,15 @@ Changelog
- Add support for Python 3.7.
- Switch from `msgpack-python` to `msgpack`. Currently a version < 0.6
- Switch from ``msgpack-python`` to ``msgpack``. Currently a version < 0.6
is required.
- Stop calling the deprecated ``checkSecure`` method when creating a
``ClientStorage``. With ZODB 5.2.2 and above, this issued a warning.
With older versions, this *could* issue a log message, but this was
considered `a misfeature
<https://github.com/zopefoundation/ZODB/issues/155>`_. See `issue
134 <https://github.com/zopefoundation/ZEO/issues/134>`_.
5.2.0 (2018-03-28)
......@@ -249,7 +249,6 @@ class ClientStorage(ZODB.ConflictResolution.ConflictResolvingStorage):
self.fshelper = ZODB.blob.FilesystemHelper(
blob_dir, layout_name='zeocache')
self.fshelper = None
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