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Run each testcase with its own /tmp and /dev/shm

to detect after each test run leaked temporary files, leaked mount
entries, to isolate different test runs from each other, and to provide
tmpfs on /tmp for every test.

The main change and description is in patch1 (a191468f); the other
patches fix that up step-by-step to work for real for all our tests.

/helped-by @tomo
/helped-and-reviewed-by @jerome
/reviewed-on !13

* y/unshare:
  trun: Require FUSE to be working inside user-namespaces to activate them
  Factor checking whether user-namespaces are available into trun.userns_available()
  trun: Add test for how /etc/{passwd,group} is setup for spawned job
  trun: Spawn user test with sole regular uid/gid in /etc/{passwd,group} database
  trun: Deactivate most capabilities before spawning user test
  Run each testcase with its own /tmp and /dev/shm
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