Commit ec8f60fa authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Do not reprocess already extended files

extends can be interpreted as inheritance in OOP, but the original
behaviour was against what is commonly (always?) seen everywhere.

It is however good practice a file extends all files it needs directly
(and only them). Then if two files A & B (possibly unrelated) extends
the same third C, A was unable to overrides C values. It was even
error-prone because someone who don't use B yet could override C values
in A and later extending B would break A.

For some of our common use cases, this new algorithm is also 9x faster
(time to annotate: ~2.3s with -> ~.29s).

Other changes:
- ~/ is now expanded for non-url extends.
- An absolute (non-url) path is not longer treated like a local path
  if the base is a url.
- Better path/url normalization.

Rebase instructions:
- squash with "Chomp ../ from beginging of filenames"
- split and apply "Support ${:_profile_base_location_}." after
parent 2242d941
......@@ -32,6 +32,11 @@ try:
except ImportError:
from io import StringIO
from urllib.parse import urljoin
except ImportError:
from urlparse import urljoin
import zc.buildout.configparser
import copy
import datetime
......@@ -286,7 +291,7 @@ class Buildout(DictMixin):
for (section, v) in itertools.groupby(sorted(cloptions),
lambda v: v[0])
override = cloptions.get('buildout', {}).copy()
override = cloptions.get('buildout', {})
# load user defaults, which override defaults
if user_defaults:
......@@ -298,13 +303,12 @@ class Buildout(DictMixin):
user_config = os.path.join(buildout_home, 'default.cfg')
if os.path.exists(user_config):
_update(data, _open(os.path.dirname(user_config), user_config,
[], data['buildout'].copy(), override,
data['buildout'], override))
# load configuration files
if config_file:
_update(data, _open(os.path.dirname(config_file), config_file, [],
data['buildout'].copy(), override, set()))
_update(data, _open(os.path.dirname(config_file), config_file,
data['buildout'], override))
# apply command-line options
_update(data, cloptions)
......@@ -1813,63 +1817,55 @@ def _default_globals():
return globals_defs
def _open(base, filename, seen, dl_options, override, downloaded):
def _open(base, filename, dl_options, override, seen=None, processing=None):
"""Open a configuration file and return the result as a dictionary,
Recursively open other files based on buildout options found.
counter = 0
while filename.startswith('../'):
filename = filename.replace('../', '', 1)
counter += 1
base = base.rsplit('/', counter)[0]
_update_section(dl_options, override)
_dl_options = _unannotate_section(dl_options.copy())
newest = bool_option(_dl_options, 'newest', 'false')
fallback = newest and not (filename in downloaded)
download =
_dl_options, cache=_dl_options.get('extends-cache'),
fallback=fallback, hash_name=True)
is_temp = False
downloaded_filename = None
if _isurl(filename):
downloaded_filename, is_temp = download(filename)
fp = open(downloaded_filename)
base = filename[:filename.rfind('/')]
elif _isurl(base):
if os.path.isabs(filename):
fp = open(filename)
base = os.path.dirname(filename)
download = True
download = _isurl(base)
if download:
filename = urljoin(base + '/', filename)
filename = base + '/' + filename
downloaded_filename, is_temp = download(filename)
fp = open(downloaded_filename)
base = filename[:filename.rfind('/')]
filename = os.path.realpath(os.path.join(
base, os.path.expanduser(filename)))
if seen:
if filename in seen:
if filename in processing:
raise zc.buildout.UserError("circular extends: %s" % filename)
return {}
filename = os.path.join(base, filename)
fp = open(filename)
base = os.path.dirname(filename)
seen = {filename}
is_temp = False
if download:
if override is None:
_dl_options = dl_options
_dl_options = _update_section(dl_options.copy(), override)
downloaded_filename, is_temp =
_dl_options, cache=_dl_options.get('extends-cache'),
fallback=bool_option(_dl_options, 'newest', 'false'),
filename_for_logging = '%s (downloaded as %s)' % (
filename, downloaded_filename)
base = filename[:filename.rfind('/')]
downloaded_filename = filename_for_logging = filename
base = os.path.dirname(filename)
if filename in seen:
with open(downloaded_filename) as fp:
result = zc.buildout.configparser.parse(
fp, filename_for_logging, _default_globals)
if is_temp:
raise zc.buildout.UserError("Recursive file include", seen, filename)
root_config_file = not seen
filename_for_logging = filename
if downloaded_filename:
filename_for_logging = '%s (downloaded as %s)' % (
filename, downloaded_filename)
result = zc.buildout.configparser.parse(
fp, filename_for_logging, _default_globals)
if is_temp:
options = result.get('buildout', {})
extends = options.pop('extends', None)
......@@ -1885,21 +1881,22 @@ def _open(base, filename, seen, dl_options, override, downloaded):
section['_profile_base_location_'] = base
result = _annotate(result, filename)
if root_config_file and 'buildout' in result:
dl_options = _update_section(dl_options, result['buildout'])
_annotate(result, filename)
if extends:
extends = extends.split()
eresult = _open(base, extends.pop(0), seen, dl_options, override,
for fname in extends:
_update(eresult, _open(base, fname, seen, dl_options, override,
result = _update(eresult, result)
if processing:
processing = [filename]
# From now on, it won't change.
dl_options = _unannotate_section(_update_section(_update_section(
dl_options.copy(), options), override))
override = None
eresult = {}
for extends in extends.split():
_update(eresult, _open(base, extends, dl_options, override,
seen, processing))
del processing[-1]
return _update(eresult, result)
return result
......@@ -499,7 +499,6 @@ The URL http://localhost/baseA.cfg was downloaded.
The URL http://localhost/base.cfg was downloaded.
The URL http://localhost/baseB.cfg was downloaded.
The URL http://localhost/baseC.cfg was downloaded.
The URL http://localhost/baseB.cfg was downloaded.
The URL http://localhost/deeper/base.cfg was downloaded.
The URL http://localhost/baseD.cfg was downloaded.
Not upgrading because not running a local buildout command.
  • For slapos!967 (merged), @lpgeneau could not test that wendelin-scalability/test-fluentd-* SR still build because these SR are already broken for a while, and the bug seems to be in this commit. What really looks wrong is that while both software/fluentd/software.cfg and software/wendelin-scalability/test-common.cfg compute versions:zc.buildout=2.7.1+slapos010 when annotated separately, extending these 2 files in this order (software/wendelin-scalability/test-fluentd-common.cfg) results in 2.3.1.

    /cc @jerome

  • @Nicolas and I also discussed "something surprising" depending on the order of extends. I don't remember the details, I think we did not investigate deeply, but this might be the same thing.

  • What we discussed is that in stack/erp5 we define versions of eggs like :

    but some of them are duplicated in stack/slapos.cfg :

    I forgot the detail, but the surprise was the used version depends on the order of which these 2 files are extended, and sometimes the older version is picked.

    In my case, I wanted to build a SR based on ERP5, but it failed because it was using setuptools = 12.2 (

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