1.0.53 (2017-09-13)

* check_port_listening: workaround for sheband limitation, reduce to a single file
* erp5.test: pass new --conversion_server_url option to runUnitTest

1.0.52 (2017-07-04)

* wrapper: Add option to reserve CPU core
* slapconfiguration: Recipe reads partitions resource file
* neoppod: add support for new --disable-drop-partitions storage option
* random: Fix the monkeypatch in to incorporate the recent changes in buildout 'get' function
* random: Add Integer recipe.
* librecipe.execute: Notify on file moved
* zero_knowledge: allow to set destination folder of configuration file

1.0.50 (2017-04-18)

* pbs: Do not parallelize calculus when the heaviest task is IO
* re6st-registry: Refactor integration with re6st registry
* erp5testnode: make shellinabox reusing password file of pwgen

1.0.48 (2017-01-31)

* random-recipe: add option create-once to prevent storage file deletion by buildout

1.0.45 (2017-01-09)

* recipe: set default timeout of check url promise to 20 seconds

1.0.44 (2016-12-30)

* pbs: handles the fact that some parameters are not present when slaves are down
* recipe: allow usage of pidfile in wrapper recipe
* sshd: fix generation of authorized_keys

1.0.43 (2016-11-24)

* pbs: fixes trap command for dash intepreter
* pbs: remove infinite loops from pbs scripts.
* new file containing recipes generating random values.
* testnode: disallow frontend access to all folders, avoiding publishing private repositories

1.0.41 (2016-10-26)

* dcron: new parameter to get a random time, with a frequency of once a day
* softwaretype: fix parse error on '+ =' when using buildout 2
* pbs: General Improvement and fixes.

1.0.35 (2016-09-19)

* pbs: fix/accelerates deployment of resilient instances
* recipe: new recipe to get a free network port
* Remove url-list parameter to download fonts from fontconfig instance

1.0.31 (2016-05-30)

* Implement cross recipe cache for registerComputerPartition
* Fixup! workarround for long shebang (place script on bin)

1.0.30 (2016-05-23)

* Implement a workarround for long shebang
* Implement Validation for user inputs ssl certificates

1.0.25 (2016-04-15)

* fixup slap configuration: provide instance and root instance title

1.0.22 (2016-04-01)

* slap configuration: provide instance and root instance title

1.0.16 (2015-10.27)

* kvm recipe: fix bugs dowload image and disk creation

1.0.14 (2015-10.26)

* kvm recipe: Allow to set keyboard layout language used by qemu and VNC
* simplehttpserver-recipe: fix encoding error

0.103 (2015-07-24)

* kvm: fix issues with boolean parameters and add 'qed' in external disk format list.
* simplehttpserver-recipe: Add support for POST method which only get content and save into specified file.

0.102 (2015-05-22)

* kvm-recipe: vm of kvm-cluster can get ipv4/hostname of all other vm in the same cluster
* simplehttpserver-recipe: simple http server to serve files

0.101 (2015-04-29)

* kvm recipe: new parameters: external-disk-format, numa and cpu-options.
* kvm recipe: allow guest VM to connect to host http service via a local predefined ipv4 address (guestfwd).

0.100 (2015-04-20)

* re6stnet recipe: re6st-registry log can now be reopened with SIGUSR1
* re6stnet recipe: re6st certificate generation is improved.

0.99 (2015-04-10)

* re6stnet: new recipe to deploy re6st registry (re6st master) with slapos.

0.98 (2015-04-09)

* shellinabox: do not run in debug mode, it is much slower !

0.97 (2015-03-26)

* switch softwaretype recipe: the recipe is backward compatible with old slapos node packages.
* kvm recipe: Avoid getting wrong storage path when creating kvm external disk

0.96 (2015-03-20)

* slap configuration: recipe can read from master network information releated to a tap interface
* slap configuration: recipe will setup data folder in DATA directory of computer partition if disk is mounted
* switch softwaretype recipe: also generate tap network information when they exist
* switch softwaretype recipe: generate configuration for DATA directory when disk is mounted

0.95 (2015-02-14)

* resiliency stack: allow web takeover to work inside of webrunner/erp5testnode.
* resiliency takeover script: create lock file stating that takeover has been done.

0.94 (2015-02-06)
* kvm: allow to configure tap and nat interface at the same time with use-nat and use-tap [d3d65916]
* kvm: use -netdev to configure network interface as -net is now obsolete [27baa9d4]

0.85 (2013-12-03)

* Slaprunner: recipe replaced by a buildout profile [14fbcd92]
* Slaprunner: import instances can automatically deploy Software Releases [64c48388]
* Slaprunner: backup script passes basic authentification [8877615]
* Slaprunner: backup doesn't destroy symlinks for Software Releases [f519a078]
* Shellinabox: now uses uid and gid to start [e9349c65]
* Shellinabox: can do autoconnection [516e772]
* Librecipe-generic: correction of bash code for /bin/sh compatibility [bee8c9c8]

0.84.2 (2013-10-04)

* sshkeys_authority: don't allow to return None as parameter. [9e340a0]

0.84.1 (2013-10-03)

* Resiliency: PBS: promise should NOT bang. [64886cd]

0.84 (2013-09-30)

* improve instance-state handling. [ba5f160]
* Resilient recipe: remove hashing of urls/names. [ee2aec8]
* Resilient pbs recipe: recover from rdiff-backup failures. [be7f2fc, 92ee0c3]
* Resilience: add pidfiles in PBS. [0b3ad5c]
* Resilient: don't hide exception, print it. [05b3d64, d2b0494]
* Resiliency: Only keep 10 increments of backup. [4e89e33]
* KVM SR: add fallback in case of download exception. [de8d796]
* slaprunner: don't check certificate for importer. [53dc772]

0.83.1 (2013-09-10)

* slapconfiguration: fixes previous releasei (don't encode tap_set because it's not a string). [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.83 (2013-09-10)

* slaprunner recipe: remove trailing / from master_url. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* librecipe: add pidfile option for singletons. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Resiliency: Use new pidfile option. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Fix for slave instances. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* slapconfiguration recipe: cast some parameters from unicode to str. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.82 (2013-08-30)

* Certificate Authority: Can receice certificate to install. [Cedric Le Ninivin]
* Squid: Add squid recipe. [Romain Courteaud]
* Request: Trasmit instace state to requested instances. [Benjamin Blanc / Cédric Le Ninivin]
* Slapconfiguration: Now return instance state. [Cédric Le Ninivin]
* Apache Frontend: Remove recipe

0.81 (2013-08-12)

* KVM SR: implement resiliency test. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.80 (2013-08-06)

* Add a simple readline recipe. [f4fce7e]

0.79 (2013-08-06)

* KVM SR: Add support for NAT based networking (User Mode Network). [627895fe35]
* KVM SR: add virtual-hard-drive-url support. [aeb5df40cd, 8ce5a9aa1d0, a5034801aa9]
* Fix regression in GenericBaseRecipe.generatePassword. [3333b07d33c]

0.78.5 (2013-08-06)

* check_url_available: add option to check secure links [6cbce4d8231]

0.78.4 (2013-08-06)

* slapos.cookbook:slaprunner: Update to use https. [Cedric Le Ninivin]

0.78.3 (2013-07-18)

* slapos.cookbook:publish: Add support to publish information for slaves. [Cedric Le Ninivin]

0.78.2 (2013-07-18)

* Fix slapos.cookbook:request: Add backward compatiblity about getInstanceGuid(). [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* slapos.cookbook:check_* promises: Add timeout to curl that is not otherwise killed by slapos promise subsystem. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Cloudooo: Allow any environment variables. [Yusei Tahara]
* ERP5: disable MariaDB query cache completely by 'query_cache_type = 0' for ERP5. [Kazuhiko Shiozaki]
* ERP5: enable haproxy admin socket and install haproxyctl script. [Kazuhiko Shiozaki]
* ERP5: increase the maximum number of open file descriptors before starting mysqld. [Kazuhiko Shiozaki]
* python 2.7: updated to 2.7.5 [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.78.1 (2013-05-31)

* Add boinc recipe: Allow to deploy an empty BOINC project. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add recipe: Allow to deploy and update a BOINC application into existing BOINC server instance . [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add boinc.client recipe: Allow to deploy a BOINC Client instance on SlapOS. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add condor recipe: Allow to deploy Condor Manager or Condor worker instance on SlapOS. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add condor.submit recipe: Allow to deploy or update application into existing Condor Manager instance. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add redis.server recipe: Allow to deploy Redis server. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add trac recipe: for deploying Trac and manage project with support of SVN and GIT. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add bonjourgrid recipe: for deploying BonjourGrid Master and submit BOINC or Condor project. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add bonjourgrid.client recipe: for deploying BonjourGrid Worker instance and execute BOINC or Condor Jobs. [Alain Takoudjou]

0.78.0 (2013-04-28)

* LAMP stack: Allow to give application-dependent parameters to application configuration file. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* zabbix-agent: Allow user to pass zabbix parameter. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* kvm frontend: listen to ipv6 and ipv4. [Jean-Baptiste Petre]

0.77.1 (2013-04-18)

* Re-release of 0.77.0.

0.77.0 (2013-04-18)

* Allow to pass extra parameters when creating simple wrapper. [Sebastien Robin]
* Apache frontend: Append all rewrite module options to http as well. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache frontend: Add https-only support. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache frontend: make logrotate work by using "generic" component. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.76.0 (2013-04-03)

* Add 'generic' phpconfigure recipe, allowing to configure any PHP-based app. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* apache_frontend: Have more useful access_log in apache frontend. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* apache_frontend: Add "SSLProxyEngine On" to http apache frontend vhost to be able to proxy https -> http. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add first preliminary version of nginx-based reverse proxy. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Request-optional is not verbose anymore (again) if it failed. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add possibility to fetch web ip and port from apache recipe. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.75.0 (2013-03-26)

* Add backward compatibility about Partition.getInstanceGuid() in [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Don't crash if resource is not ready. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Use memory-based kumofs instead of memcached to have no limitation for key length and data size. [Kazuhiko Shiozaki]
* Postgres: allow slapuser# to connect as postgres user. [Marco Mariani]
* apache_frontend: Sanitize inputs, disable Varnish cache, don't touch to custom file if already present. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Resiliency: simpler, more robust PBS recipe and promise. [Marco Mariani]
* Add helper method to set "location" parameter in librecipe. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add download helper function in librecipe. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Update wrapper recipe to make it simpler and more dev-friendly. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add configurationfile recipe. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add request-edge recipe. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add publishsection recipe. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add match support for promise check_page_content. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.74.0 (2013-03-05)

* Generate mysql password randomly in LAMP stack. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add support for apache and haproxy to have more than one listening port. [Vincent Pelletier]
* Use a more consistent parameter naming in 6tunnel recipe. [Vincent Pelletier]
* Provide an SR-transparent way to (de)serialise master data. [Vincent Pelletier]
* Initial version of neoppod recipe. [Vincent Pelletier]
* Initial version of clusterized erp5 recipes. [Vincent Pelletier]
* General cleanup of the request recipe (simpler parsing, less calls to master). [Vincent Pelletier, Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.73.1 (2013-02-19)

* softwaretype recipe: all falsy parameter values are now ignored. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.73.0 (2013-02-18)

* Add mioga and apacheperl recipes. [Viktor Horvath]
* Properly fetch instance_guid of instance. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Only append SLA parameter to the list if the key actually exists and is not empty string. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.72.0 (2013-02-11)

* librecipe: correctly handle newline and missing file in addLineToFile(). [Marco Mariani]
* LAMP: Copy php application even if directory exists but is empty. This handle new resilient LAMP stack. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* LAMP: Don't even try to restart/reload/graceful Apache. This fix "Apache hangs" problem. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.71.4 (2013-02-01)

* Enable IPv6 support in KumoFS. [Vincent Pelletier]
* Use new connection and get result when try to create new erp5 site. [Rafael Monnerat]
* Set up timezone database in mariab's mysql table so that we can use timezone conversion function. [Kazuhiko Shiozaki]
* Make erp5_bootstrap wait for manage_addERP5Site response [Rafael Monnerat]

0.71.3 (2013-01-31)

* Add mysql_ip and mysql_port parameters in apachephp recipe [Cedric de Saint
* Random password for postgres in standalone SR and lapp stack; accept
connections from the world. [Marco Mariani]

0.71.2 (2013-01-29)

* revised postgres/lapp recipe. [Marco Mariani]

0.71.1 (2013-01-04)

* Frontend: Sort instances by reference to avoid attacks. [Cedric de Saint
* Frontend: Add public_ipv4 parameter support to ease deployment of slave
frontend. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Frontend: Move apache_frontend wrappers to watched directory (etc/service).
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Frontend: Add native path to varnish environment. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.71 (2012-12-20)

* frontend: Add "path" parameter for Zope instances. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.70 (2012-11-05)

* KVM: Add support for disk-type, second nbd and cpu-count. [Cedric de Saint

0.69 (2012-10-30)

* handle multiple notification_url values in notifier recipe [Marco Mariani]
* createWrapper() sh alternative to execute.execute() for simple cases
[Marco Mariani]
* fixed secret key generation in apachephp config [Marco Mariani]

0.68.1 (2012-10-03)

* slaprunner: fix "logfile" parameter to "log_file"

0.68 (2012-10-02)

* Remove useless calls to master, fix "update" method. [Cedric
de Saint Martin]
* Add webrunner test recipe. [Alain Takoudjou]
* Add logfile for slaprunner. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Fix check_url_available promise (syntax + checks + IPv6 support). [Cedric
de Saint Martin]

0.67 (2012-09-26)

* Add check_page_content promise generator. [Cedric Le Ninivin]
* Fix check_url_available recipe. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Set up timezone database in mariab's mysql table so that we can use
timezone conversion function. [Kazuhiko Shiozaki]
* Add many resiliency-based recipes [Timothée Lacroix]
* Fix and unify request and requestoptional recipes [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Fix Dropbear. [Antoine Catton]

0.66 (2012-09-10)

* Add check_page_content promise generator. [Cedric Le Ninivin]

0.65 (2012-09-07)

* Add egg_test, recipe allowing to do "python test" on a list of
eggs. [Rafael Monnerat, Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.64.2 (2012-08.28)

* Specify description on gitinit recipe. [Antoine Catton]

0.64.1 (2012-08-28)

* Fix: minor fix on downloader recipe in order to allow cross-device renaming.
[Antoine Catton]

0.64 (2012-08-27)

* Fix: remove "template" recipe which was collinding with slapos.recipe.template.
[Antoine Catton]

0.63 (2012-08-22)

* Add the ability to run command line in shellinabox. [Antoine Catton]
* Add the ability to run shellinabox as root. (for LXC purpose) [Antoine Catton]
* Add "uuid" recipe. [Antoine Catton]
* Add "downloader" recipe. [Antoine Catton]

0.62 (2012-08-21)

* Add "wrapper" recipe. [Antoine Catton]
* Add "gitinit" recipe. [Antoine Catton]
* librecipe.execute code clean up and factorization. [Antoine Catton]
* Add "template" recipe. [Antoine Catton]

0.61 (2012-08-17)

* Add "debug" option for slaprunner. [Alain Takoudjou]

0.60 (2012-08-13)

* New recipe: requestoptional, like "request", but won't fail if instance is
not ready. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Update zabbix to return strings as parameters. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add check in check_url_promise in case of empty URL. [Cedric de Saint
* Upgrade slaprunner recipe to be compatible with newest version. [Alain

0.59 (2012-07-12)

* Zabbix: add temperature monitoring using custom commands.

0.58 (2012-07-06)

* Agent rewrite. [Vincent Pelletier]

0.57 (2012-06-22)

* Do not use system curl. [Romain Courteaud]

0.56 (2012-06-18)

* Add signalwrapper, generate.mac, generate.password recipes. [Romain

0.55 (2012-06-18)

* Add slapmonitor and slapreport recipes. [Mohamadou Mbengue]

0.54.1 (2012-06-18)

* Fix 0.54 release containing wrong code in

0.54 (2012-06-18)

* Apache frontend: won't block sending slave informations to SlapOS Master
in case of problem from one slave instance.[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache frontend will send IP informations for slaves in case slave is about
custom domain. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Ability to use LAMP applications without configuration. [Cedric de Saint
* Users can specify custom domain in LAMP applications. [Cedric de Saint

0.53 (2012-06-07)

* Switch slaprunner into generic recipe, and add cloud9 recipe. [Cedric de
Saint Martin]

0.52 (2012-05-16)

* Request bugfix: Correct default software_type (was: RootInstanceSoftware).
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Request will raise again if requested instance is not ready
[Romain Courteaud]
* Apache Frontend: assume apache is available from standard ports.
Consequence: url connection parameter of slave instance doesn't contain
port. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache Frontend bugfix: correctly detect slave instance type (zope).
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache Frontend: "default" slave instances are available through http
in addition to https. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache Frontend: Configuration: Add mod_deflate and set ProxyPreserveHost
[Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.51 (2012-05-14)

* LAMP stack bugfix: Users were losing data when slapgrid is ran (Don't
erase htdocs if it already exist). [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.50 (2012-05-12)

* LAMP stack bugfix: fix a crash where recipe was trying to restart
non-existent httpd process. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* LAMP stack bugfix: don't erase htdocs at update [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache Frontend: Improve Apache configuration, inspired by Nexedi
production frontend. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Allow sysadmin of node to customize frontend instance.
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache Frontend: Change 'zope=true' option to 'type=zope'.
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Apache Frontend: listens to plain http port as well to redirect to https.
[Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.49 (2012-05-10)

* Apache Frontend supports Zope and Varnish. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.48 (2012-04-26)

* New utility recipe: slapos.recipe.generate_output_if_input_not_null.
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* New promise recipe: slapos.recipe.url_available: check if url returns http
code 200. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Fix: slapos.recipe.request won't raise anymore if instance is not ready.
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Fix: slapos.recipe.request won't assume instance reference if not
specified. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.47 (2012-04-19)

* Slap Test Agent [Yingjie Xu]

0.46 (2012/04/12)

* xvfb and firefox initial release [Romain Courteaud]

0.45 (2012-03-29)

* slaprunner: change number of available partitions to 7 [Alain Takoudjou]

0.44 (2012-03-28)

* minor: apachephp: update apache configuration to work with Apache2.4

0.43 (2012-03-28)

* minor: erp5: add missing .zcml files into egg. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.42 (2012-03-26)

* erp5: Add web_checker recipe. [Tatuya Kamada]
* erp5: Add generic_varnish recipe. [Tatuya Kamada]
* erp5: Simplify erp5_update to only create the ERP5 site. [Romain Courteaud]
* erp5: Allow to pass CA parameters from section. [Łukasz Nowak]

0.41 (2012-03-21)

* Release new "generic" version of KVM, includes frontend.
[Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.40.1 (2012-03-01)

* Fix manifest to include files needed for apache. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.40 (2012-03-01)

* apache_frontend initial release. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.39 (2012-02-20)

* seleniumrunner initial release. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.38 (2011-12-05)

* erp5: Swtich to percona, as maatkit is obsoleted. [Sebastien Robin]
* erp5: Improve haproxy configuration. [Sebastien Robin]
* erp5: Support sphinxd. [Kazuhiko Shiozaki]
* erp5: Improve and make logging more usual. [Sebastien Robin]
* erp5: Allow mysql connection from localhost. [Romain Courteaud]
* erp5: Allow to control Zope/Zeo cache [Arnaud Fontaine]
* erp5: Increase precision in logs [Julien Muchembled]
* erp5: Improve erp5 update [Arnaud Fontaine, Rafael Monnerat]

0.37 (2011-11-24)

* KVM : allow access to several KVM instances without SSL certificate duplicate
problem. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.36 (2011-11-16)

* erp5testnode : the code of testnode is not in slapos repository anymore

0.35 (2011-11-10)

* KVM : Promise are now working properly. [Łukasz Nowak]
* KVM : Use NoVNC with automatic login. [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* KVM : Use websockify egg and remove numpy hack. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.34 (2011-11-08)

* Any LAMP software can specify its own php.ini [Alain Takoudjou]
* LAMP : Fix bug where buildout does not has sufficient rights to update
application parts. [Alain Takoudjou]
* LAMP : Update formatting when returning list of renamed files.
[Alain Takoudjou]

0.33 (2011-10-31)

* erp5 : use percona toolkit instead of maatkit [Sebastien Robin]

0.32 (2011-10-28)

* LAMP : Recipe can now call lampconfigure from slapos.toolbox which will
configure PHP application instance when needed. [Alain Takoudjou Kamdem]

0.31 (2011-10-16)

* Split big redundant recipes into small ones. In order to factorize the code
and have everything in the buildout file. [Antoine Catton, Romain Courteaud,
Łukasz Nowak]
* LAMP : Update apache and php configuration files to work with a lot of different
PHP software. [Alain Takoudjou Kamdem]
* LAMP : Recipe can launch scripts, move or remove files or directories
when a given condition is filled. Useful when PHP apps require you to
remove "admin" directory after configuration for example.
[Alain Takoudjou Kamdem]

0.30 (2011-10-06)

* LAMP : Update apache and php configuration files to work with a lot of different
PHP software. [Alain Takoudjou Kamdem]

0.29 (2011-09-28)

* mysql: bug fix on database recovering (avoid importing dump two times). [Antoine Catton]

0.28 (2011-09-27)

* lamp.request: requesting the mariadb software release instead of itself. [Antoine Catton]
* lamp.request: adding support of remote backup repo (using a different
software type). The default remote backup is a davstorage. [Antoine Catton]

0.27 (2011-09-27)

* mysql: add backup and backup recovering using different software type. [Antoine Catton]

0.26 (2011-09-27)

* Davstorage: returning more explicit url (using webdav scheme). [Antoine Catton]
* Other mysql minor fixes. [Antoine Catton]

0.25 (2011-09-21)

* mysql: Restore to default behaviour. [Antoine Catton]
* mysql: Use mysqldump instead of non trustable backup system. [Antoine Catton]

0.24 (2011-09-19)

* mysql: Unhardcode the requested url. [Antoine Catton]

0.23 (2011-09-19)

* Clean code in mysql recipe [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* librecipe: Provide createPromiseWrapper method. [Antoine Catton]
* kvm: Expose promisee checks to slapgrid. [Antoine Catton]
* davstorage: Initial version. [Antoine Catton]
* mysql: Support DAV backup. [Antoine Catton]

0.22 (2011-09-12)

* Fix haproxy setup for erp5 [Sebastien Robin]

0.21 (2011-09-12)

* Update PHP configuration to set session and date options.
[Alain Takoudjou Kamdem]
* Improve logrotate policy and haproxy config for erp5
[Sebastien Robin]

0.20 (2011-09-07)

* Update and fix KVM/noVNC installation to be compatible with new WebSocket
protocol (HyBi-10) required by Chrome >= 14 and Firefox >= 7.
[Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.19 (2011-09-06)

* Update PHP configuration to disable debug logging. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.18 (2011-08-25)

* Repackage egg to include needed .bin files. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.17 (2011-08-25)

* Add XWiki software release [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.16 (2011-07-15)

* Improve Vifib and pure ERP5 instantiation [Rafael Monnerat]
* Use configurator for Vifib [Rafael Monnerat]

0.15 (2011-07-13)

* Encrypt connection by default. [Vivien Alger]

0.14 (2011-07-13)

* Provide new way to instantiate kvm. [Cedric de Saint Martin, Vivien Alger]

0.13 (2011-07-13)

* Implement generic execute_wait wrapper, which allows to wait for some files
to appear before starting service depending on it. [Łukasz Nowak]

0.12 (2011-07-11)

* Fix slaprunner, phpmyadmin software releases, added
wordpress software release. [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.11 (2011-07-07)

* Enable test suite runner for vifib.

0.10 (2011-07-01)

* Add PHPMyAdmin software release used in SlapOS tutorials
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add slaprunner software release [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.9 (2011-06-24)

* mysql recipe : Changing slapos.recipe.erp5.execute to
slapos.recipe.librecipe.execute [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.8 (2011-06-15)

* Add MySQL and MariaDB standalone software release and recipe
[Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Fixed slapos.recipe.erp5testnode instantiation [Sebastien Robin]

0.7 (2011-06-14)

* Fix slapos.recipe.erp5 package by providing site.zcml in it. [Łukasz Nowak]
* Improve slapos.recipe.erp5testnode partition instantiation error reporting
[Sebastien Robin]

0.6 (2011-06-13)

* Fixed slapos.recipe.erp5 instantiation. [Łukasz Nowak]

0.5 (2011-06-13)

* Implement zabbix agent instantiation. [Łukasz Nowak]
* Drop dependency on Zope2. [Łukasz Nowak]
* Share more in slapos.recipe.librecipe module. [Łukasz Nowak]

0.4 (2011-06-09)

* Remove reference to slapos.tool.networkcache as it was removed from pypi. [Łukasz Nowak]
* Add Kumofs standalone software release and recipe [Cedric de Saint Martin]
* Add Memcached standalone software release and recipe [Cedric de Saint Martin]

0.3 (2011-06-09)

* Moved out template and build to separate distributions [Łukasz Nowak]
* Depend on slapos.core instead of depracated slapos.slap [Romain Courteaud]
* Fix apache module configuration [Kazuhiko Shiozaki]
* Allow to control full environment in erp5 module [Łukasz Nowak]

0.2 (2011-05-30)

* Allow to pass zope_environment in erp5 entry point [Łukasz Nowak]

0.1 (2011-05-27)

* All slapos.recipe.* became slapos.cookbook:* [Łukasz Nowak]