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SlapOS repository rules
Short version for impatient
'master' branch is always stable. One shall never work in this branch. One
shall expect reversion or removal of his commits in 'master' branch, if they
are not because of merging another branch.
Everyone has to create branch, basing on 'master' or any other branch. All
work shall be done in such branch. It is advised to review it before merging
into 'master'. It is very good habit to tag such merges.
A bit more background
SlapOS repository 'master' branch is supposed to be stable. No new work is
accepted on this branch. Each time someone uses (clones, extends) 'master'
branch it is supposed to work (as far as it was tested).
Tags on 'master' branch are supposed to be repeatable software definitions
forever. All versions and external links shall be setup in a way, that they
wouldn't change in day, month, year, etc.
Everyone can make his own branch to introduce new software to SlapOS. There
are no rules about those branches, as each software is specific.
It is good idea to ask for review before merging changes into 'master' branch.
Peer review can detect issues not detected by testing, development or self
After some software is stabilised and no more work is planned it is acceptable
to remove such abandoned branch in order to minimise amount of branches.
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