Commit b2d51e01 authored by Thomas Gambier's avatar Thomas Gambier Committed by Romain Courteaud

[backupserver] Force to use rdiff-backup version 1.0.5+SlapOSPatched001

The recent changes in rdiff backup are not backward compatible.
parent 19160dbd
......@@ -116,14 +116,8 @@ md5sum = 42021b325159dff29e4bd4e33b8ff2f3
output = ${buildout:directory}/template.cfg
mode = 0644
eggs =
# 1.3.4nxdX is invalid version string, thus pached version string is not '1.3.4nxdX+SlapOSPatched001'
# but '1.3.4nxdX-SlapOSPatched001'.
rdiff-backup = 1.3.4nxd6-SlapOSPatched001
rdiff-backup = 1.0.5+SlapOSPatched001
gunicorn = 19.1.1
plone.recipe.command = 1.1
slapos.recipe.template = 2.4.2
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