Commit d0e5e2f3 authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

caddy-frontend/TODO: Drop implemented entry

It is done in "caddy-frontend: Restart 6tunnel services on SR upgrade"
parent 524525f8
......@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ Generally things to be done with ``caddy-frontend``:
* ``check-error-on-caddy-log`` like ``check-error-on-apache-log``
* cover test suite like resilient tests for KVM and prove it works the same way as Caddy
* use `slapos!326 <>`_, and especially `note about complex restart scenarios <>`_, instead of self-developed graceful restart scripts
* move out ``test/`` and use it from shared python distribution
* provide various tricks for older browsers::
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