Commit 35883799 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Comment the method selecting the tunnel to kill

parent b4a9a612
......@@ -607,12 +607,24 @@ class TunnelManager(BaseTunnelManager):
return disconnected
def _tunnelScore(self, prefix):
# First try to not kill a persistent tunnel (see --neighbour option).
# Then sort by the number of routed nodes.
n = 0
for x in self.ctl.neighbours[prefix][1]:
# Ignore the default route, which is redundant with the
# border gateway node.
if x:
n += 1
except KeyError:
# XXX: The route for this neighbour is not direct. In this case,
# a KeyError was raised because babeld dump doesn't give us
# enough information to match the neighbour prefix with its
# link-local address. This is a good candidate (so we return
# ()), but for the same reason, such tunnel can't be killed.
# In order not to remain indefinitely in a state where we
# never delete any tunnel because we would always select an
# unkillable one, we should return an higher score.
return (prefix in self._neighbour_set, n) if n else ()
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