Commit 5ff98015 authored by Eric Zheng's avatar Eric Zheng

chromium: add exception to testing library list

The depot_tools package used to build Chromium (see
nexedi/slapos!1014) installs some Python
libraries (NumPy and PIL) with shared objects that don't have RPATH set.
These shouldn't actually be used when running Chromium, but they cause
the testing framework to complain about missing libraries.
parent 4a9363f8
......@@ -107,6 +107,10 @@ def checkSoftware(slap, software_url):
# build dir for packages built in-place
# the depot_tools package used to build Chromium installs some
# Python libraries lacking an rpath; these are not actually used
# by Chromium itself
software_hash = md5digest(software_url)
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