Commit 524525f8 authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

caddy-frontend/TODO: Drop not needed entries

Apache-migration is not needed, as the profiles can be used in place, and
upcoming development will drop a lot of needs.
parent a08d7d66
Generally things to be done with ``caddy-frontend``:
* return warning on not implemented keys (from ``apache-frontend`` perspective) in master and slave request
* tests: add assertion with results of promises in etc/promise for each partition
* README: cleanup the documentation, explain various specifics
* check the whole frontend slave snippet with ``caddy -validate`` during buildout run, and reject if does not pass validation
* ``apache-ca-certificate`` shall be merged with ``apache-certificate``
* ``apache-ca-certificate`` shall be appended to ``apache-certificate`` if not already there
* BUG?? check that changing ``apache-certificate`` on master partition results in reloading slave partition
* provide ``apache-frontend`` to ``caddy-frontend`` migration information
* (new) ``type:websocket`` slave
* ``type:eventsource``:
* **Jérome Perrin**: *For event source, if I understand correctly, we could use caddy as a proxy in front of nginx-push-stream . If we have a "central shared" caddy instance, can it handle keeping connections opens for many clients ?*
* ``check-error-on-caddy-log`` like ``check-error-on-apache-log``
* cover test suite like resilient tests for KVM and prove it works the same way as Caddy
* have ``caddy-frontend`` specific parameters, with backward compatibility to ``apache-frontend`` ones:
* ``apache-ca-certificate``
* ``apache-certificate`` and ``apache-key``
* use `slapos!326 <>`_, and especially `note about complex restart scenarios <>`_, instead of self-developed graceful restart scripts
* move out ``test/`` and use it from shared python distribution
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