Commit bedba966 by Ivan Tyagov Committed by Thomas Gambier

Configure qemu explicitly to not wait for connection on QMP socket

otherwise it will stall VM execution.

This is observed inside qemu VM started by

In qemu log one can see:
QEMU waiting for connection on: disconnected:unix:/srv/slapgrid/slappart6/var/qmp_socket,server


Affected version:

root@z600:/srv/slapgrid/slappart6# /opt/slapgrid/7903668a197f3cf8f94375d0739a21e8/parts/kvm/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 --version
QEMU emulator version 2.8.0
Copyright (c) 2003-2016 Fabrice Bellard and the QEMU Project developer

/reviewed-on !585
1 parent 7f0f8925
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ md5sum = 2036bf145f472f62ef8dee5e729328fd
filename = template/
md5sum = c8ca875bf246997137552538ab9d8b1a
md5sum = 2a49e6065a3f46f871318ba88f0cd235
filename = template/
......@@ -302,7 +302,7 @@ kvm_argument_list = [qemu_path,
disk_aio, additional_disk_options),
'-vnc', '%s:1,ipv4,password' % listen_ip,
'-boot', 'order=cd,menu=on',
'-qmp', 'unix:%s,server' % socket_path,
'-qmp', 'unix:%s,server,nowait' % socket_path,
'-pidfile', pid_file_path, '-msg', 'timestamp=on',
'-D', logfile,
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