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      ERP5Security: ignore leading/trailing spaces in usernames · 81a6500d
      Jérome Perrin authored
      We received a few support requests from users who are able to change their
      password but not to log in afterwards. These users probably copy and pasted
      their user name with an extra leading or trailing space. In the reset
      password dialog, these spaces are stripped, because Formulator by default
      strips the input (unless "whitespace preserve" is on, but we usually don't
      set it except in text areas).
      Historically we have been completely avoiding the extra spaces and made the
      login/user_id case sensitive, because login and user id were the same thing
      and there have been issues when looking up user id in mariadb because of
      mariadb collations, so we took the easy way of saying "logins are case
      sensitives and spaces also mater", but with separate login / user id,
      this can be revisited, because the login is only used to check the password
      and find an user ID.
      Stripping spaces from logins is a common thing these days (google, twitter,
      facebook strip logins) which simplifies user experience and reduces support.
      The risk of conflicts seems very low, if users are created with ERP5 Forms
      Formulator already had stripped the login anyway. After this change in case
      of two user names ('alice' and ' alice ') conflict, none of them would be
      able to login.
      We keep compatibility with users with trailing spaces, so if there is only
      a user named ' alice ', without other users that would conflict (for
      example 'alice' or ' alice'), this user remain able to login anyway. This
      last part is probably not so important in reality, it is for compatibility
      with testPasswordTool.TestPasswordTool.test_login_with_trailing_space
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      Update Graph Editor · 8127666c
      Jérome Perrin authored
      * Fixes https://erp5js.nexedi.net/#/bug_module/20160609-11B02E6 and https://erp5js.nexedi.net/#/bug_module/20210517-F12266
      * Support ERP5JS
      * Improve test coverage
      * Small CSS changes
      * Fix bug editing business process when erp5_graph_editor was installed 
      See merge request nexedi/erp5!1461
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      Use Distributed Cache for Session · f359f267
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Until now, portal_sessions was only reliably usable when using a family with only one zope node, because the session data was using RAM cache.
      When used by authenticated users it was more or less usable, because of haproxy
      sticky cookie that we set for authenticated users, but for non authenticated users
      this was basically unusable.
      This was especially a problem for CaptchaField, for which users are generally not
      This changes portal_sessions to use a distributed cache, which brings several
       - sessions are now shared between all zopes of a cluster.
       - storing ERP5 temp documents is still possible, but modifying a temp document in
         session does not automatically save the changes in session, for next session read
         to be using the modified document it's required to save the document explicitly.
       - session respects transaction semantics, changes are only persisted in session when transaction commits successfully.
       - `portal_caches.clearAllCaches` API no longer clear all sessions.
      See merge request nexedi/erp5!1451
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